About Us


We are a small health conscious business that started with the goal of helping our community eat healthier and lose weight. Too much of our society is fast paced and people often forget to take proper care of their bodies. Our mission is to help you become a healthier version of yourself without having to give up the things you love. By preparing the best tasting Thai inspired food using only the best quality ingredients, prepared with lean cooking methods that will help you control your daily calorie intake and keep your waistline small.


Society as a whole has fallen into a dangerous habit of overeating and consumption of processed foods. This habit has brought along a multitude of problems stemming from obesity, increases in diabetes and other diet related problems. Many of these problems can be attributed to the quick and cheap meals offered by many restaurants that appeal to the wallets and tastes of the people. These meals however, are packed full of processed foods and high in calories and fat that might appease your taste buds but leave your body starving for proper nutrients.


Our tastefully crafted menu focuses on cutting out the fats while maintaining the flavors found in the traditional Thai cuisine. The carefully planned menu options are packed full of nutrients and healthy proteins that will support your body and keep you going through a long work day. Even though our meals are low in calories, under 500 calories per meal, they are sure to fill you up and keep you going throughout your day. Now our meals are designed to help you lose weight and those pesky couple inches off your waist line.

1 Meal = 500 Calories
3 Meals = 1500 Calories
Average Daily Caloric Consumption = 2000 Calories


If you eat 3 of our meals per day you will have only consumed 1500 calories. If your body needs 2000 calories per day, it will need to find those 500 calories elsewhere. In turn your body will start to breakdown and use the energy stored in the fats around your body to make up for the difference. Therefore, you will start seeing results quickly and your body will feel much better as you are eating extremely healthy and nutritious meals.